How To Apply Fusion / Prebonded Hair Extensions Professional Tutorial /

How To Apply Fusion / Prebonded Hair Extensions Professional Tutorial HairExtensionSale Official Website: Fusions/Prebonded Hair Extensions can be divided into Nail/U tip and Stick/I tip Fusion hair extensions. This is a video by our professional hairstylist to show your how to Apply Fusion Hair Extensions from Here you can find the best Indian…

Velcro Rollers | Heatless Curls

I do this once a week to protect my hair from using heated tools. Sleeping on curlers can be difficult, I choose to sacrifice 1 good night of sleep for a weeks worth of smooth curly hair. Music by My links: Disclaimer: I am not being paid for this video.…

DIY Miniature Doll Nail Polish Set

Hey guys! Today, I’m making a DIY Miniature Nail Polish Set for your Dolls / Dollhouse. Supplies: cardstock, tacky glue, perler beads, Q-tips, a multi-hole punch, photo paper, & nail polish. PRINTABLE: Subscribe for more DIYs! Follow me: FACEBOOK: RainbowTinklesWorld Instagram: Pinterest: RainbowTinklesWorld Kids: always ask for a parent’s help when starting a…

Pink Hair Extensions Tutorial | Sophie Hannah Richardson

Love coloured hair but don’t want to dye it? Why not try braiding hair extensions into a cool style.

Here I’ve braided pink hair into a side braid and accessorised with hair rings and beads from Regal Rose.


Peace x